The Air Purification Solution

AIRsteril® is an innovative solution for hygiene optimization and for odor problems. The surrounding room air is conveyed through the AIRsteril device by thermal convection or fans. The device contains a special UV lamp and a highly effective catalyst grid. The special UVC light from two wave ranges kills all bacteria, viruses, spores and microorganisms in the device and eliminates odours. An oxygen plasma is generated by the devices, which also deposits on surfaces. There it eliminates micro-organisms that are hazardous to health and/or cause odours. It is no longer necessary to use fragrances that mask odours. The need to regularly disinfect surfaces is reduced.

AIRsteril also eliminates the corona virus, as it is a relatively uncomplicated virus, AIRsteril even eliminates the norovirus.

Areas of application are especially in the health care sector: old people's homes and nursing homes, doctors' surgeries and laboratories as well as waiting areas. A multifunctional use in many areas is also possible: For perfect hygiene in public washrooms and toilets, changing rooms, reception areas, open-plan offices, odour pollution in kitchens, tobacco odour removal and even crime scene cleaning.

Studies show that using AIRsteril in offices reduces sick days by 40%.

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