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Over 125 years ago Dr. Carl Dörken and Ewald Dörken founded their own company as pioneers for paints and rust protection coatings. Since that time we have not only been dedicated to the company tradition, but also to innovation: we are experts for the unseen.

At DÖRKEN Coatings we are specialists for high-quality surface protection, offering safe, custom solutions for a wide range of application areas. In joint projects you can benefit from our years of experience and our know-how, we are always on hand to help and advise you.

With innovative technologies in the field of zinc flake coatings, galvanisation systems, KTL and special solutions for coil coating, we offer high-performance corrosion protection. We stand for professional level German-made quality, with which high-quality and extremely long-lasting coating results can be achieved on parts, façades and interior walls. Finally, at DÖRKEN Coatings we are a reliable and qualified contact for issues regarding pigment pastes and colour systems.

Many options for use, one claim: excellent surface protection. Discover our coating expertise!

Clean interior hygiene: Effective surface coatings

The worldwide corona pandemic and the experience gained with it will also have an impact on hygiene standards in hospitals and nursing homes in the future. Wherever sick people or people in need of care are in very confined spaces, the problem of bacteria and germ formation is great - so it is more important than ever to minimise the risk of infection and protect people's health. Especially surfaces of inventory, wall surfaces, doors and also tiles offer a large area of attack for unwanted contamination. Here, effective and sustainable surface protection ensures numerous advantages.

Application-oriented surface coating in hygienic areas

The healthcare concept of DÖRKEN Coatings offers coating solutions for applications with high hygienic requirements and for heavily frequented rooms. The portfolio includes products that in some cases even exceed hygiene standards and legal requirements.

The basic rule is: The optimal coating solution for ceilings, walls and surfaces in hygienic areas depends on the area of application and the corresponding usage requirements. Particularly in sensitive rooms such as operating theatres, laboratories, clean rooms or even patient rooms, it is important to choose the optimum wall and ceiling paint for solutions that are free of pollutants or preservatives and have tested resistance to bacteria, viruses, germs and mould. For wall protection in heavily frequented areas with a lot of public traffic - including reception areas, corridors, waiting and recreation rooms - durable wall paints and particularly scratch-resistant and hard-wearing protective coatings are required. Easy cleanability is also an important criterion here. Special factors must also be taken into account in damp rooms such as bathrooms. For example, the paint used must ensure the exchange of moisture between the wall surface and the room air in order to prevent mould growth. In food-processing areas such as dining rooms and canteen kitchens, the following applies: Only paints with components that are not harmful to health are permitted.

Effective protection against viruses, bacteria and mould: LUCITE® MultiResist PRO

The innovative wall and ceiling paint LUCITE® MultiResist Pro protects against mould and mildew without allergenic and environmentally hazardous substances and is resistant to bacteria and germs. The coating has been proven to be resistant to MRSA hospital germs in accordance with JIS Z 2801:2012, thus minimising the risk of wall surface contamination. LUCITE® MultiResist Pro is therefore particularly suitable for use in rooms with high hygiene requirements - at the same time, the product also has approval as a wall coating in food processing areas.

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Certificates from independent test institutes

Declaration of no objection for food processing establishments

  • Test certificate virus resistance (unenveloped viruses)
  • Test certificate mould resistance
  • Test certificate disinfectant resistance
  • Test certificate (MRSA-) bacterial resistance


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