HySpace makes your company a hygiene ambassador!

What is HySpace?

HySpace is a marketing cooperation for hygiene in architectural spaces. It meets the high sensitivity and the increasing demand for clean, healthy environments today. It deals with the requirements of tomorrow. The platform brings together experts*, politicians and companies and presents products and solutions that make rooms cleaner and healthier and thus fit for everyday use and future-proof.

The marketing cooperation combines knowledge on innovative architecture, hygienic design & engineering, clean materials and surfaces, tools and services for disinfection and cleaning, smart building services, access and visit management. In this way, the initiative serves as an image campaign for the participants, who can use their know-how to position themselves in this field.

HySpace is the content and communication partner of the ISH, trade fair for innovative building solutions and sanitary installations which was held as a digital event in 2021. As a campaign, HySpace guarantees a wide reach to valid contacts and interested parties, generates sensitivity and attention among decision makers* and politicians.

How does the campaign work?

Male and Female Architects Wearing Augmented Reality Headsets Work with 3D City Model. High Tech Office Professional People Use Virtual Reality Modeling Software Application.

HySpace is a marketing cooperation. This means that the campaign reaches a collective pool of contacts that is not available to a single company. The communication cooperation with the ISH leading trade fair for sanitation, building and equipment makes it possible to advertise the project very widely at an early stage. The expansion of the initiative is achieved through PR contributions, interviews and targeted work on content on the topic of hygiene.

Partners & Brands

Why HySpace is relevant

The background

Sensitive public - change in everyday life

Hygiene is a central component of daily life. The call for regular hand washing and distance has sensitised people to perceive and question contact with surfaces and with other people more strongly. Hygienic materials and hygienic product design can contribute to a feeling of safety and maintain health. Clever systems that make it easier for people to comply with hygiene measures should at best become a matter of course.

Cross-divisional - hygienic design

HySpace takes up the aspect of hygienic design. The platform supports efforts by architects and designers to design rooms or products hygienically: How well can products and surfaces be cleaned? Which design prevents or reduces the accumulation of germs? Are there materials and cleaning agents that are suitable for raising everyday hygiene standards? etc.

At the same time, HySpace appeals to developers* who want to equip properties with added value in terms of hygiene. In order to retain locational advantages, properties must be connected to mobility concepts. Where people work in a home office, work must be rethought. Where restaurants keep their distance, smart occupancy is becoming increasingly important.

One of HySpace's medium-term goals will be to raise awareness of the topic of hygiene in buildings by means of specifications and by directly addressing politicians and administration.