Contactless WC partition wall system with innovative door opening

Look & Wave smart is an elegant, easy-care WC partition wall system for public sanitary facilities. The risk of bacteria and viruses spreading through skin contact is considerably minimised by the contactless operation. The cabin doors are equipped with an LED sensor and allow contactless opening and closing. The risk of infection is thus considerably reduced, as there is no direct contact with the door. In addition, the system facilitates the cleaning process and convinces with its unobtrusive, elegant appearance.

The number of visitors in public sanitary facilities is significantly higher than in a quiet little place at home. This is why the transmission of pathogens is particularly high here, as these are spread in particular via shared properties. Especially in hospitals or schools, hygienically perfect toilets can considerably reduce the risk of infection and protect immunocompromised patients or children from disease. Door handles pose a particular threat in this respect. After going to the toilet, they are often touched with hands that have not been washed thoroughly or at all, so that germs, bacteria and viruses accumulate there. These are then carried on by direct skin contact.

Tap, toilet flush, soap dispenser and hand dryer can often be operated without touching, only the door handles represent a central gap in this concept. Schäfer offers the right complement here with the Look & Wave smart partition wall system. Not only can it be opened without contact, it is also easy to clean and has a non-porous surface so that germs cannot deposit. The opening and closing mechanism of the doors is controlled by means of modern LED sensor technology. Depending on the state of use, the indicator lights up red or green, making it easier to find a free cabin.

Simple, safe handling and intelligent product design

To open the doors, the visitor only has to hold his hand in front of the sensor. The same applies to closing and locking the door. In an emergency situation, the cabin can be unlocked from the outside using a hidden button or a magnetic key. The partition walls consist of 36 mm thick sandwich panels, which are coated on both sides with a three millimetre thick HPL surface. The partitions are framed by an internal aluminium frame and the LED display blends in with the elegant design of the cabins.

You can find out more about the non-contact WC partition wall with door opening via sensor technology here

About Schäfer partition wall systems

Individuality and quality distinguish Schäfer Trennwandsysteme GmbH from Horhausen. The owner-managed company produces WC partition walls, changing facilities, wardrobe cabinets and various accessories for the sanitary and wellness industry. High-quality materials such as glass, aluminium, steel as well as wood and plastic materials are used. The focus is on intelligent products, for example for the hotel industry, hospitals, care and public facilities as well as architecturally unusual buildings. As a pioneer of room-high partition wall systems, the Westerwald company has succeeded in meeting the demand for privacy in public sanitary facilities with aesthetic solutions.


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