Water is value

The company WimTec is the Central European technology leader of touchless fittings and has been developing and producing future-oriented sanitary technology in Europe for 25 years.

At WimTec everyone lives and works for the element water. Analyses and studies have made the company a pioneer in drinking water hygiene: electronically controlled sanitary fittings that use the resource water sparingly and allow its qualities to unfold. In the public and commercial sector as well as in private bathrooms.

WimTec was able to gain the big lead in the field of contactlessly operated fittings, as the company's original competence lies in electronics. The result is a system provider, where development, design, production and consulting are intertwined with each other, right up to the precise assembly technology.

WimTec conducts basic research and pursues a clear goal: to set new impulses in operation, comfort and hygiene! For example, with the capacitive sensor technology, which has opened up a new dimension in user comfort and which has been reliably applied in WimTec fittings for the first time worldwide.

Intelligent solutions for drinking water quality

With the HyPlus brand, WimTec provides overall concepts for drinking water hygiene: Particularly high risks are posed by hardly or insufficiently used water delivery points. The stagnation caused by user behaviour (water is in the pipe) influences the permissible water temperature and leads to contamination with legionella and other microbial pathogens. To avoid stagnation in the entire building installation and to ensure the required temperatures in the cold and hot water pipes, automatic flushing is required. WimTec HyPlus offers intelligent solutions and thus protects the health of the users.

With the WimTec REMOTE technology for setting, controlling and reading out sensor-controlled HyPlus individual taps, the company has created another modern instrument for more efficiency and safe drinking water hygiene.

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